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In 1870, T.P. White established the New Richmond Funeral Home, and was later joined by his two sons, John and Lew. The Whites quickly established a tradition of caring, personal service that continues to this day.


The firm moved into the Western Avenue location in 1924, and then opened another funeral home to serve families in Mt. Washington. Two decades later, the New Richmond Funeral Home came under the ownership of Lew White’s stepson, E. Sumner Powers. Mr. Powers constructed the Amelia location in 1948.


Edward C. Nurre Sr., with 30 years of experience as a funeral director in Cincinnati, purchased the Amelia and New Richmond Funeral Homes in 1960. His son, Edward Jr., joined the firm in 1969 and purchased it in 1976. Shortly thereafter in 1977 Robert M. Hobson joined the firm, and became a partner in 1986. In 1997, John Daniel Branham joined the firm while attending mortuary school in Cincinnati. He became a full-time employee in 1999, then joined Ed Nurre and Bob Hobson as a partner in December 2010. Edward C. Nurre Sr. died in 1990.


The three professionals and their staff continue to build on the company’s 140-year heritage of caring. In 2007, Edward C. Nurre and Robert M. Hobson, purchased the Kennedy-Stevens Funeral Home in Bethel. The Bethel Funeral Home dates back to the early 1900’s. It was started by the Osborne and Kennedy families and continued to be operated as the Kennedy Funeral Home by succeeding generations of the Kennedy family. In the 1930’s C. Richard Stevens joined the firm and between 1957 and the late 1970’s Mr. Stevens gradually purchased all but a small portion of the business from Edwin Lee Kennedy and changed the name to Kennedy-Stevens Funeral Home. In 1964, Dan M. Stevens joined the business. C. Richard Stevens died in 1973 and Edwin Lee Kennedy died in 1987. Dan M. Stevens became the sole owner and continued to operate the business as Kennedy-Stevens Funeral Home.


For over 140 years, we’ve been deeply committed to our community. During the last half-century of providing caring, compassionate service to our neighbors, we’ve always believed that it’s important to understand and appreciate our local traditions, and serve each family individually, personally and compassionately.